Rough Sex.

Anyone here ever have rough sex with there girl? Ladies do you like it rough???


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Actually, about 10 years ago I was up at New Palz University visiting a friend of mine. I got completely stoned and hooked up with a goth chick. Long story short we wound up slicing each others palms open and drinking each others blood and basically bathing in it then had crazy viking sex. I wish I would've had a video camera. I've always wanted to do that again.....ah to be young and single and able to find high quality peyote.

Those were the good old days.

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Yeah I just really love it when my bf f*cks me so hard I can't walk straight the next day.
There you go a chick who likes it when she gets fucked hard and cant walk the next day.


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I dont mind it so it all depends on the mood...but yes it is fun having rough sex
cause then the next day your legs are in so much fucking pain and sore but it is all fun

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Fofolina, Bunni, I apologize for the rough sex. I didn't mean to beat the hell out of your tits. Next time, I'll lube before I give you two anal again. But teh threeesome was fun. ^^


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Umm lol na na na
thats ok no anal for me
that is exit do not enter :D

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Hey Darth,

I went to school in New Paltz. 94-99. 5 year plan. Great town full of wild stories. Slayed many in that town. Glad to hear you got to experience it.

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For those filth mongers out there, check out my list of <a href=>Nasty Sex Acts</a>.

If you have any new ones let me know.

NOTE: Not my style, but I find them funny.


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I haven't answered because I have a social disorder and have not had sex in about a year. But when I was having it, It was rough.


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I dated a goth porn star,I'll never have the same kind of sex again.I was cool until I saw her on a dvd cover.Turned me of.... :mad:


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oh boy Gear !!!! I would understand why you would be pissed