Router issues?


White Death
All right, so:

I just got back from vacation, and everything was working fine before I left. Now though, when I turn my router on, everything's fine for anywhere between 15 seconds - 3 minutes, then the lights all start flashing in unison and my connection to the computer drops. I can't stay connected long enough to research the topic, so I figured that I'd try to ask here. Any help is, of course, greatly appreciated.
And it's a Netgear FWIW.


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Try disconnecting the modem from the router. Then reset the modem, then hook the modem back to the router and reset the router. This will usually fix most glitches if that is all it is.

Netgears text support is pretty decent, if you get someone you can understand. 1-888-NETGEAR
Good luck. I spent all last weekend fighting with mine, but they were able to get it up and running pretty quickly.

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It wasn't a Netgear, but I had a router do the exact same thing and the cause was the power supply (transformer block).


White Death
Thanks for that guys. I did the whole reset thing a bunch of times, but this time I did it for a little longer, and I also plugged the router into a different outlet, and it looks like I'm good now.

Thanks a ton