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Hopefully there are some Exchange and/or ISA Firewall experts out there.

Currently at My facility we have a clinet Base that have an ISA Firewall Client installed.

We are connecting out though the internet via RPC to connect to a Corporate E-Mail Server.

If I make this connection direct from our external DSL line, there are no issues authenticating. But when we attempt this connection through our ISA (2004) server, the connection is dropping. I get the following in the ISA Server Log "A connection was abortively closed after one of the peers sent a RST segment."

Can anyone help here?


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the firewall is seeing the reset packet and dropping the connection. if i remeber correctly, this was a problem with some kind of DNS handling, its been a long time i used ISA. I think Service Pack 3 fixed this issue.

ISA sucks, get rid of it.


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ISA is great, I can help you fix it. PM me