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Aug 9, 2005
We've all heard the complaining from O&A and the beloved Lil Jimmy Norton for the past many months about how people were booked and don't show up. The O&A staff made promos, tell us that someone big is going to be on the show, sometimes weeks in advance. Most of the time, the big names don't show up. Granted, some do whether it's a phoner or in person. However, most of the time it ends in a disappointing tragedy that some intern gets a spanking for live on the air. While that excites the lawyers, it annoys me that someone has decided to back out from an interview. Would the O&A show consider the following?

A) A moratorium on any guests from now until the New Year (2008). Screw them, they don't show up anyway. Besides, it's the Opie & Anthony show not "I'm the super star guest show with Opie & Anthony"

B) Starting in 2008, A list guests come before B/C list guests. Period! O&A get A-Listers first, then decide on how many B/C listers to have on.

C) All guests must appear in person, no phoners. Phoners suck to start with, if they that busy that they can't show up and sell their piece of shit product that you want us to buy or see, then I don't have the time/money to be interested in it either.

D) The show will not air any advertisement until a A-List guest appears on the show for that project wanting advertisement. Meaning, no movie promo's if the fucking star can't put his/her butt in a chair for 10 mins on air, then if they can't, screw you, see item C above for the reason.

E) All new guests get only 10 mins of air, unless O&A decide that the A-Lister is worthy of more air time. If the guest makes a second appearance, then 20 mins of air time. 3rd appearance 30 mins of air. Etc. Also, it's up to the guest to ask for the FM side or the XM side. (trying to be fair here)

F) This applies only to first time celebrities who are in TV/Movies promoting a new project of any kind, such as a movie or TV series. Prior appearances count as time committed to the show, but only butt in the chair time, not phoner time. And therefore will be granted 20 mins or greater of air time.

This approach may seem harsh at first, but how many times are the boys going go through "Special guests" not appearing? It's time for them to put their foot down, enough is enough!

Ok, I'll take my beating now.

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Apr 5, 2007
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Nov 18, 2004
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These are good suggestions, but keep in mind that a lot takes place "behind the scenes" on the show that we never hear nor know anything about.


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