Rumor: Apple to Kill Mac Pros


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Burning up the intertubes:

Not surprising. I just bought a used Mac Pro for under a grand. Works great, loaded with hard drives and 8 gigs of ram (expandable to 32).

As much as I like this mac, I would not spend $2500 for a new one.

On the flip side, Dell makes a workstation with the SAME specs for 1/2 the price.
A friend bought one and hacked OSX to it.

I just wish Apple would make a fucking tower model with a moderate price tag. A pro-sumer mini-tower.

I know I'm repeating myself here, it's just funny that Apple is just figuring out that the Mac Pro is TOO DAMNED EXPENSIVE and sales are falling off.


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I have a first gen Mac Pro and have had it since they came out

it has been the best computer I have ever had, still very fast and powerful

it rund silent and has never given me a hint of trouble

I hate to think they may discontinue them as they are great for running Final cut Pro with and who would be their customers for high end software be?

they will not make all the video software for hackintoshs or windows OS

I think they will keep making them for their high end customers


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That's kind of the point; the models they've sold in the past are still in service. And when it comes to buying a new mac, WHY would you buy a pro when the new iMacs and MacBooks are better/just as good and cost more than half the price?

Every creative company I know is replacing their older mac pros… with iMacs. The new 21 and 27 inch models KICK-ASS, and are still cheaper than the Pro.


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They already killed the guy that invented them......