RUMOR: EA buys Largest GTA Community site for 3.4mil


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Kinda sad that GTA4 might end up being the last great game of such an amazing series.

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EA is a cancer to the gaming community. With them buying this site, they are bullying Take Two. I hope TT tells EA to eat shit.
Im going to send them an e-mail and tell them no one likes them.

they only sell those shitty sports games and even those are just copy/paste garbage.
There are some companies where their board members have their e-mail address on their corporate info page, but not with EA.

So, I know there are some fucking lunatics on ole Wackbag and I pose a question.

Can anyone scrounge up John Riccitiello's (CEO,EA) corporate e-mail address so we can let him know of our disdain for his company and what they have done to the gaming world and we don't want his shitty company destroying another good game maker like Take 2?


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^ I hope so. Only games EA puts out I like is Need For Speed. They ruined football (2k Sports was better) and the basketball and baseball games pale in comparison to 2k. If they buy TT/Rockstar, ugh, just ugh.


Ok, Terrific
Ya a hoax, just saw the message at the beginning:

Update: Forum MODs have just confirmed for us that this was an April Fool's joke. That's strange though because we could have sworn it was still March. Thanks for wasting every body's time!


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So it's a hoax.

I still say fuck EA in their fucking fuck holes.
Good thing I put rumor in title otherwise I'd feel like a rube.

But still FUCK EA since they are still trying to buyout Take Two before the GTA Launch