Russell Crowe to direct Bill Hicks biopic


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[h=1]Russell Crowe to direct film about life of late US funny guy Bill Hicks[/h]

RUSSELL Crowe has signed on to make his feature film directorial debut - a biopic about the life of the late US comedian Bill Hicks.

Hicks, who was known for his dark humour, died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 32 in 1994.
Currently in Iceland shooting biblical epic Noah, Crowe has teamed up with old schoolmate Mark Staufer who has written the script. Production is expected to start next year.

"Bill Hicks' life is tragically short, but spectacularly interesting," Staufer said. "The screenplay has gone through a number of drafts and we'll go into production early next year."

Crowe was tipped to play the film's lead but has signed on for directorial duties. His only directing jobs have been short films and video clips for wife Danielle Spencer.

The net has been cast wide to find an actor who can play Hicks.

"It is a huge role for someone, made all the more special, or downright scary, by the fact the director is an Oscar-winning actor like Russell," Staufer said.
Crowe was originally planning to star in the film, but finally admitted he was too old for the part.

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