Russell Peters Outed as Alleged Homosexual


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HSK Exclusive - The dirty details behind Russell Peters’ divorce are surfacing, which could explain why the Canadian non-funny man has landed the success he has.
Sources say Russell Peters reps the men’s team — adding his personal relationship with his signature ‘never leave home without’ Toronto DJ, Starting From Scratch, is one that goes far beyond being just boys.
This news comes after the ‘New Year’s Eve’ actor told The Canadian Press – after their 2010 wedding, he and his wife discovered they ‘didn’t know each other’. Now, sources reveal Peters’ former wife, Monica Diaz, simply decided ‘she didn’t want to share her husband with men’. Don’t believe me.. Ask Harris Rosen.
Here’s what Russell Peters had to say about his 2012 divorce:
“We just realized we rushed in and didn’t know each other and when we got to know each other we were kind of like, ‘Hmm, I don’t think this is going to work out for the rest of our lives.’”​
Sources say it’s no coincidence that ‘DJ Starting From Scratch’ tied the knot shortly after Peters’ divorce was finalized. We’re told DJ Starting From Scratch – whose real name is Mark Gagnon – popped the question to Shannon Alvares, a Toronto resident, in order to enlist her as the new beard to mask he and Peters’ secret boy-bond. The pair married in 2012, with Groomsman Russell Peters playing a starring role in the ceremony. To be sure, the Toronto DJ – who openly admits to being a “private person” and “doing big, elaborate, flaunty type proposals were out of the question” – dedicated an entire website – – chronicling the proposal, the bridal party, the ceremony, the reception…and even a “ tailor made” engagement film. The show must go on? Don’t you agree?
His popularity is baffling. Idgac if he's a queeb, he's unfunny either way

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Nobody cares about this any more, right? I mean, except ultra-religious types.


it's a man, baby!!!
he probably is spreading the rumors just to keep his name in the news

never thought he was funny, just annoying like fez but louder


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
I normally hate the "who?" Gag, but I honestly have no idea who this is.
Doesn't he do shows in savage countries that might stone him to death if he's outed as a quay?


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Ah, I recognize the voice.

Didn't find him very funny so maybe that's why
he didn't leave me with a lasting impression.


What's black and white and red all over?
There are three Russells I care nothing about and never know which one is being discussed. They all have different accents so when they talk it is apparent. Peters, Brand, Simmons. Looks like at least two of them are gay.


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He is one of the biggest comics out there, which confuses the shit out of me. He's been on Rogan's podcast quite a bit, too.

He sells the same reason Dat Phan and Margaret Cho sell: built in ethnic audience with little competition among comics and for entertainment in general.

It's like that Indian Mindy chick who has been getting some heat lately. There's really nothing about her to get any attention, other than being an Indian actresses who is halfway competent.


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Doesn't he do shows in savage countries that might stone him to death if he's outed as a quay?

yep not going to play well to audiences of brown people

maybe he wants to be more of a Hollywood type where the homo thing won't matter and might even be a plus


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All entertainers are fags, just different levels. Big whoop.
And yet, another homo appears…. What's with the world.nothing's new.


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Nobody cares about this any more, right? I mean, except ultra-religious types.
Was thinking the same...who da fuck cares each his own.
I grew up with a bunch of Homophobic Racicts mostly...But after working with people from all walks of life,I pride myself on getting along and partying with people everywhere.I dont care what color you are, or what religion , or how much you make...long as you treat me with respect and act cool...I got no problem with anyone.