Rutgers fans discuss Jim Norton


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I'm too lazy to sign up but it's funny how the same idiot keeps trying to play the race card. I can only imagine what their posts were like when the Imus thing went down.

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looks like several more wackbaggers have a new place to post......


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Can somebody who signed up on that site ask this dmd78 asshole how this comment is "borderline racist" when there's no mention of race anywhere in there?!!?


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#7 has gotten a lot more indepth since tuesday.


There certainly is a lot of self-important douchebaggery over there


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I am sorry, since when is calling someone homely a crime? If so....I know a bunch of people on frat row of hate crimes...I recall a march down college ave where the frat brothers and sororities threw garbage at us freshmen...more if we were deemed ugly!


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If I were in that thread, I would quote D.L. Hughley calling them ugly on the tonight show.

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Imagine, if you will...
Is there a more wishy-washy, pussified phrase then "borderline racist"? Eccch... I hate that. How can something be "almost racist"?


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I love the logic over there.
"I've seen Heather up close (the only white girl on the team) and she's smoking. So that means the entire team is good looking."

Not awful looking, but the 6'1" is a bit of a turnoff. When chicks get that tall, the whole "Does she have a dick?" issue is really at the forefront when it's time to do the nasty!


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All I can think as I read that was it proves what a race baiting ass Sharpton is. If it wasn't made such a big deal we wouldn't still be talking about the Rutgers girls and therefore defending it (that it's not racism). That line would have been said, no balloons (linger longer) would have been harmed, insulted, or likely heard it and life carried on. Now months later it's still about race what a fuckin ass.


"Westcoast hit right on the head. These are college kids doing everything right. They are in school, working hard to be student-athletes and shouldn't be made fun of because "GOD" gave them a certain appearance. Ridicule God, he made them look the way that they do."

Ugh. It looks like Mike Gundy (the coach from Oklahoma State) apparently is a poster on the Rutgers board.


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I go to Rutgers and i was shocked exactly how douchy my fellow students were over this situation. Frat boys were suddenly into being politically correct

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I ammend my previous comment. I would nail ANY of the white girls on that team.


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all things considered, this really ain't bad....

Look at the third one in from the left. I'd let her palm my balls anyday..Hmmfrr Her heh. (thanks Pat. I can make those jokes all day and blame it on you)

p.s. What position does the one on the far right play? I guess she started school late in life.