anyone see RVD kick stonecold ass
on smackdown

i'm in love with RVD


Is alive.
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yeah, stonecold looks pathetic now with his crying and falling into that baby pool.
You should have seen what happened after the camera went off. RVD beat SCSA again! And cleanly with the five star frog splash. Autsin did alot to put RVD over when the cameras were on but really got him over with the crowd after the show ended. Got to respect Austin for that. And despite what you might read on the net Austin was not upset about putting RVD over and was not mad at him for busting open his face, (needed two or three stitches) but the WWF has "outlawed" the psuedo Van Daminator (sidekick/chairshot) do the the high risk factor and chances of injury. Management made that call and it was not because Austin bitched about because he didn't.
I have been a big RVD fan for years. Meet him in person when I first moved down here. He was appearing at store in the local mall. He was nice but I could tell he was very arrogant and could possibly be a real prick. RVD is the best all around wrestling on t.v. today. And despite my loyalty to the best technical wrestler on t.v. (Lance Storm in case you have been living under a rock) I think RVD is gonna be the biggest star in about two years. As long as he and Jeff Hardy don't kill eachother or themselves with the high spots and RVD can stay injury :cough: and pot :cough: free he will be a hugh star.
It is great to have a female wrestling fan on the board. Welcome to wackbag and thanks for contributing. Only wish I was younger. LOL


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I miss that stuff. I am always working but used to go when Bruno and those guys were wrestling. I have to find the time again


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he going to win one of the bigger title down the road