Sad For O&A...


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this sux no more XFL pregame shows
I have a funny feeling this has to do a little with tha BIG NOSE LOSER
but also with the ratings
what a shame<IMG SRC="" border=0> <IMG SRC="" border=0>


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Howard Stern
Barbara Streisand
W.C. Fields
Kathy Griffin
Jennifer Grey ((b4 the nose job))
Frank Stallone
Ernest Borgnine
Bill Clinton

or someone else&gt;?

::starts laying off the cough medicine::

Yeah, Ok. You'd Think Getting The Scare Of My Life For The SECOND Time Would Make Me Slow Down.

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Maybe it has something to with the fact that the hitmen suck ass, and don't deserve a preshow!...just my opinion..NiceShoes...we like u better ON the cough medicine LOL<IMG SRC="" border=0>

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I too agree that the reason why the xfl gameday preshow was axed is because the ratings suck and soon the xfl will go as well. Dont get me wrong, I love the WWF but i cant get in to the XFL. Sad for O & A but the still their kick ass radio show!!!!!!!

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I think its cause the Hitmen suck monkey balls allday. Its not O&A's fault. I dont think Stern has anything to do with this one.


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They'll get over it. I think they are alot better in radio. XFL got them exposure so syndication is not too far way. They'll be alrigh


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i think the show sould go tu upn or tnn
No O&A should stay as far away as they can from the XFL cause i think its going down faster than the titanic.