Saint Paul police corrrrrrrrecting a homie lol


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Wow, I was about to defend the cop by making the point that the video didn't show what led to the interaction, but then the cop kicked the fucker while he was down. That's pretty fucked up... if the dude was white I'd be pissed.

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Booooooo, nobody played punching bag on his face and nobody played baseball with their batons. All I saw was a defiant suspect taken into custody for assault trying to fight a losing battle while cuffed. All I heard were the familiar voices of the natives getting restless because "he din dooz nuffins".

Yeah he kicked him. The fucking guy would't lay down. Do what your're told or I will make you do what you're told. While being arrested, it's not a time for debate. Go into cuffs, and then start asking questions.


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You can hear the natives getting restless in the background already thinking about winning the N Lottery with the video. Figures.