Sam's hero Rob Zombie's Halloween Release was on Cinemagic


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To celebrate the release of Rob Zombie's vision of Halloween, Chris will look back at Halloween 1-5 in Cinemagic's segmented forms (music and clips from the film).


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Reel Time: Halloween directed by Sam's Hero Rob Zombie


Reel Time: Halloween directed by Rob Zombie at 11AM ET
Reel Time: Halloween directed by Rob ZombieDave Z and Bodhi talk to Rob Zombie about his latest film Halloween. They discuss a wide range of topics including how he reacted to all of the online complaints about him remaking the John Carpenter classic, how his Michael Myers is different from the original, and the effect use of Tyler Bates score for the film.

This hour-long interview show looks at the world of movies with those who make them. From composers like Howard Shore and Mark Isham to directors like Ridley Scott and Spike Lee, we talk to the people who influence the industry. Reel Time is honest, unedited, and only on Cinemagic - XM 27.

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^ Best Guess if this when it be replayed.

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I'm recording today at 11:00 AM. Hope to catch it.
I just finished watching a copy of the movie and I thought it was great. I really enjoyed the movie.


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I thought the interview was pretty darn good. After hearing it before I saw the film I had very high hopes for the got close to my expectations in the first half and second half...yecch...:(