Sandy Kane as Wonder Women


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Try horrific. Lol. She is so retarded. She like 85 and she is prancing around in clothes like that, and fungus on her pussy. If she didn't make for great sound clips, I would have to say: DIE MAM' please DIE get in the coffin.

I can't say much more, I am still pissed about looking at that picture of the brain growing out of her vagina. GODAMMIT!!!!! :mad:


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Lord that is sick and that fuckin thing growin on her ???
god this is sick
Oh man now she should really be on a poster for condoms promoting safe sex!!!
When O & A talk about her, I always get this image of some fat broad who'se really really gross. Instead, we get this skinny white bitch with a fuckin nasty ass growth! Eww!Thank God that their are girls like Kimmy on the show every once and awhile.
Yes i wanna see Kimmy in a whipped cream bikini again. I would supply the whipped cream for her to use!!! ;)
At least yopu didn't post them pictures... no wait, nevermind... I might have started something there... :eek:
Um no you didnt so thank god the link to that pic was broken or not able to be seen on this site.


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Do not look at the picture!!!
I am still gagging!! :( :p :p :eek: :eek:


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reading about it is makin me gag on the posts you guys are doin... do to the fact my fucking god that has to be the most sickest thing i have ever seen in my life