Santa in Blue Toy Drive for Children affected by Hurricane Sandy


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While waiting in the doctor's office, News 12 was on and I saw pictures of Opie & Anthony, Jimmy and Vos holding Santa in Blue material. Something positive? Not ruining a person(s)' life? I have seen it happen many times before... I was utterly perplexed. Something good they are doing is getting some press? No, there must be something amiss with News 12. :D

Most importantly, there is a toy drive for children affected by the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. It could be taken to heart if you see a nice toy you might have wanted when you were younger. :)

Read below for the details:

Santa in Blue

6 hours ago

The Township of Union Police Department's Santa in Blue program is back and going stronger than ever. This year we will be helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

We encourage you to give whatever you can to those in need. It can be anything from a simple gift card (We will use them to purchase toys or just let the kids use them to buy what they want...
) or an unwrapped toy. Remember, there were tens of thousands of people who were affected, many of them have lost everything.

Please do what you can to help make this disaster a little easier on the children effected by donating what you can. We know it will help bring a smile to their faces this holiday season.

This event has already caught the eye of several local celebrities like Radio DJ's Opie & Anthony, Comedian Jim Norton, and one of Union's own Ray Liota. We hope to get more onboard before the end of the event.

All donations can be brought to the Township of Union Police Headquarters @ 981 Caldwell Ave Union NJ 07083. If you can not make the drop off please inbox me and I will assist you in making arrangements for a possible pick up.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in advance.
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