Sarah changing shoe style


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I guess the neigh bors were tired of her clopping around.

AND GO....


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She having trouble kicking those field goals?


the Streif

Gotta admit it, the shoes aren't the real reason I think she resembles a horse..........................


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I sincerely hope this self absorbed slag gets sprayed with a super soaker filled with diarrhea. The same thing goes for her faggoty husband and Mayor Bloomberg

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If she can't wear high heels and work as a model, maybe she can get an office job working as a receptionist or a secretariat.


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I think she wants to take up running, or was that trotting?
Every time she goes into central park, guys in tuxedos keep trying to hook her up to a carriage
She was going to hold a press conference today to announce a new shoe endorsement deal but had to call it off because she's a little horse.


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She had another
shower to go to today.


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Bit, Overcheck, whatever. It's for a horse (face)

the Streif

Well, either way, it should be easier for her to hoof it around town with her new shoes.
The mane thing is, she'll still pony up some cash for shoes as long as they don't have heels. You'd have to be a real Sarah Jessica Parker's ass to think she'll buy cheap shoes.


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Jesus people, rein in the hack horse jokes a little.