Save Mark's Life for TOOL tickets


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What a great bit. O&A calling on O&A fans at WYSP to save mark from the muscle relaxers. Dan was first on the scene. Shawn and Kevin helped with the phones to keep O&A aprised of the situation.
Best part, they gave his Tix to someone else.
The Tool's going to rehab, and someone else is going to see TOOL instead.
Great bit! ;)


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Yeah that was awesome. Not a bit though. They just stumbled upon radio gold. That kid is such a dick. It's like that girl who had been driving drunk and was dumb enough to tell O & A. That time O & A were the rats. Rightfully so. This time someone listening actually called the cops. I love when the average listeners get on the line and do the reporting at the scene. They did a bang up job and recieved Tool tickets for their efforts. Great radio! :D


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i missed the show today. But it sounds like funny shit happened.
Hey Mavric,
Was there ever any followup on that girl???

Sounds like this kid was just making a Suicide gesture. However, after having to swallow the pipe that they use to pump your stomach(Just a shade smaller than a garden hose)-while awake-and then the lovely charcoal that we make you drink, he won't be trying this again!! Also, he hopefully will get some needed therapy.

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i get it. They did that bit once before. I think it's a good thing, when they do that.