Scary Movie 2

Ok i just went and saw this movie today. It was funny i laughed my ass off. The first movie was a little better but this one is worth it to go see it is funny.


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Yeah alot of people say it is stupid and shit. I have not seen it yet. I am not much of a critic. I am sure I would laugh at it also. It is a clowning movie. I don't know why people expect it to be the best movie in the world. It's just a spoof. I am a big fan of spoofs, like Naked gun, Airplane, and shit like that. I definetely would like to go see that movie. Or I'll just wait for it to come out on video. Either way I am sure I will laugh my ass off too. :D
I agree with you Mav. These kind of movies are not gonna win any Academy Awards there made to make us laugh. This world is too critical and everyone thinks they know whats best for everyone else. Is it so bad to want to laugh at something cause its funny and stupid. I guess thats something we cant get through some peoples heads. You will like Mav.


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I agree with u imovaherenow, i heard the movie rocked, but the first one is still better. There is no doubt that the fast and the furious is all that, i saw it twice that weekend it came out, but the plot wasnt all that great, the action ROCKS!


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My bf took me to see this the other night...funny as hell, in the corney sense but it was cool.
I like when he is gonna fight the parrot who told him that Polly wants your mommas sweet ass. You dont talk bout my momma like that son!!! Heh heh LOL


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My fav part is the one where they are trying to eat dinner. and the guy with the retarded hand keeps sceeving them out. lol too funny..."my germs"