Scooter turn signal issue - Calling Fezman


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I actually like doing jobs like that, those things are quite simple and it’s satisfying when you fix it, I still think that those lights were probably not working before the battery install, I dealt with that stuff all the time, fix one thing, then all of a sudden something else is “broke” when in reality that thing was broke before I worked on it.
Side track;
I had a customer (Jew cunt realitor) that had an aging Saab convertible, I painted the drivers side because she hit her garage, after I painted it, I returned it to her, all I did was paint the drivers side, I didn’t even take a bunch of shit off.
She comes in two weeks later complaining that her passenger side headlamp is burned out, first words out of her mouth? “I just had my car fixed here and now my headlamp is not working”..... ok, I replace the headlamp (a major production on a Saab,) immediately no charge, just to shut her up. She comes back about a month later, the drivers side is burned out first words out of her mouth “you just installed this head light and now it doesn’t work” ...... at this point I start to get irritated, so, once again i stop what I’m doing and go to replace the head light. I get the head lamp out which clearly says Bosch on it, I use sylvania, I show her the obviously dirty Bosch bulb, and say “I’m sorry mame but I did not replace this lamp, it was the passenger side and it’s going to cost $20” oh my god you would have thought I pulled my pants down and shit in the parking lot the way she started giving me shit, then she goes in and starts giving glorious leader shit (she was “good friends” with glorious leader) to his credit, he asks me is that our bulb, I say no, I replaced the other side for free last time as per your orders, glorious leader looks at the twat and says “it’s $30 for the bulb installed “. L.......... lol ha ha you fucking twat
Oh fuck I don't miss the "even since" people. When I worked at the dealership it was terrible. 9/10 times if people only ever came for the free recall/warranty work that's who pulled the shennanigins. At our shop we always did courtesy checks, lights, filters, brakes, tires, fluids and leaks. No matter what and we would write up an estimate attach it to the repair order and that was that. Those people never spent money at the shop. But every single time a few days later you would get a phone call about a scratch, a bulb, a dash light, or something. This one time we had a recall on i think the 16 Tuscons. The spare tire smelled like fish. So the whole recall was open the trunk, lift the spare tire lid, and put an air freshener on the spare. Did the recall on a lady's car next day she calls and says what ever I did on her car I burned out her head light and she's sueing us for the ticket she got driving home that night.

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