Scorch's PFG TV Season 6

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Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
Jimmy's utter disdain for this idiot is fantastic.


And just so you're all caught up:


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No PFG TV viewing is complete without Colin Quinn.

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He almost looks exactly like I pictured him.

I figured he'd have a larger, grayer beard.


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The 'Big Scorch/Little Scorch' thing Sam and Ant did was some funny shit.:D


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Is that a spray tan? As I said in the listening thread, this looks like something Dirk Diggler and Reed Rothchild would have put together as a side project.


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Why not just go straight to the source? -- Scorch's PFG-TV: Episode Archive

If you go there on an iDevice with an app called "Downloads HD",
when you tap the PLAY icon, it downloads for your offline viewing playzhore.
DHD works for a vast majority of embedded videos, too.
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I keep thinking I'll tire of this bit. I never do. Magnificent every time.


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Colin Quinn's obsession for obscure awful shit is too much.

I'm shocked that PFG isn't dissected at least once a month, or done once a day for a month a la Jocktober.

You have to give Sam credit: Scorch and Jocktober are unbelievable gets for the show. It astounds me that such awful material exists out there somewhere, and is done without irony.


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the fact that Scorch keeps hyping his show as the Next Big Thing that's on it's way to being really popular, right up there with Letterman and Leno, is what cracks me up the most. Is he really that delusional? Literally nobody outside of O&A fans have even heard of this guy.


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I think Ant mentioned it on the air, but I like how Scorch tries to keep it "clean" for the networks, just calling this Lacey chick a "dancer".

The banter is so bad between Scorch and his "co-host". The shot at 3:38 shows the Boston guy on his own, and he might as well be in a pitch black closet, no light at all.

And as soon as the show starts off with "Lord Dougman whatever", you have to know you are in for a treat.


it's a man, baby!!!
I just sub'd his channel

I am one of the lucky 78

wooo hooo

much funnier than just listening on O&A to see how bad it is
This was absolutely awful. I tapped out after two rounds of the Q&A.
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450 PER SHOW?!?!?!?!?!

That is a pretty fucking high rate.

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450 PER SHOW?!?!?!?!?!

That is a pretty fucking high rate.
I can say it totally is. For his time slot and location, I'm willing to venture that putting a show on the air cost $50-$60 per half hour. Might be a touch more... although that's not even factoring in production costs (although he probably has an intern/college kid edit the show), and costs for studio space (probably did trade) and equipment.


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You have to pay for that giant table somehow.

I wish I had an extra 450 burning a hole in my pocket. I wonder how insulting you could make it and it would still get on the air. Or at least make it for a Ted Sheckler emporium.


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I'm looking into it myself.
I'm gonna call 'er: "The Sallie Tomato Show"!
I'll have a desk, a couch, a sidekick [ideally Vos], guests [like Uncle Floyd & Otto], a opening monologue & everything!

And I have an idea for the band: A-Ha!
I mean, like, how hard can they be to get, I mean really?
They're not doin' nothin' else.
My show'd be a step up for them right now.

And I've also a few ideas for bits.
Like one called "Star Yecch".
Instead of "Captain Kirk", I'll have "Captain Jerk"!


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I might be a huge fag but I am enjoying the fuck out of PFG TV!