Scott Peterson Update

Darth Mode

You went over my helmet?!
Nov 16, 2006
Hoboken, NJ
Tee Hee.

If it weren't for The Globe, we wouldn't know what Scott Peterson is up to on death row at San Quentin! Remember Scott was the guy convicted of killing his eight months pregnant wife Lacey. He was always into sex and drugs and he's still indulging behind bars. He was caught romping naked in the showers having sex with other guys and smoking marijuana. He has one special monstrous guy who protects him. Scott's half sister talked about his affinity for gay bars in her book Blood Brother. Bisexual Scott also writes sexy letters to a woman he flies in to visit him every three months. She has no idea that he's another guy's "bitch" in prison. Scott's misbehavior earned him forty days of solitary confinement and other inmates called it "a slap on the wrist."
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