Scotty Crane

Holy shit that was a pretty cool interview yesterday. I knew Hogan was murdered and had more sex with hot chicks than we could ever dream of but who do you think had this guy killed? I think he probaly banged somebodies girl or something and they didnt like it.
Yeah, kinda like, who killed Jimmy Hoffa. They gotta have this guy come back.
Well i agree with Anthony's theory i think it was probaly a mob hit and he had pissed off someone by sleeping with some hot chick that he shouldnt have. Another thing it could have just been jealously some loser who was mad that Bob Crane got all that pussy and all the women loved him. Playahaters.


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that was a great interveiw
He was pretty cool scotty he hung with the boys very nice


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Hey gang now lets get real we all know there is no such thing as the mob right??????????
I think it was Klink that did it. Hey look I have know idea who did that, but this Scotty Crane is a maniac, go to his site and see him . He is a cross dresser that thinks it is cool to talk about his father in that way. Now his mom?????? She plays Klinks secretary on Hogans Heros mmmmmmmmmm ooh lala
as for the Mob???? doesnt exsist Now Scotty keep wuiet or we might have to take you for a ride. :cool:and remember Scotty is a maniac oops I smell a shameless plug
lolol sorry

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