Seattle mom banned from Facebook over controversial photo


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Seattle mom banned from Facebook over controversial photo
By Kristyn Caddell Published: Jul 27, 2012 at 12:02 PM PDT

SEATTLE -- A Seattle mom is outraged after getting temporarily banned from Facebook over a photo she says is completely innocent.

The photo in question shows Lauren Ferrari's 5-year-old daughter pretending to nurse her 2-year-old sister.

Facebook says it violates the company's community standards, but Ferrari disagrees.

"It's not sexual and they were just pretending," she said. "What's obscene about breastfeeding?"

Ferrari didn't think much of it when she uploaded the photo of her two daughters for all her Facebook friends to see.

"When I posted it I said, 'She says she's nursing her baby,'" Ferrari said. "She didn't say, 'Mommy look, she's kissing my boobie.'"

Less than 24-hours later, the image was gone, with message from Facebook claiming Ferrari violated the site's policies.

"They did not say it was child pornography," she said. "They were not clear, they were really vague."

Stefanie Thomas of the Seattle Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children unit agrees the photo isn't child porn, but she said it's poor parenting on Ferrari's part. She points to the fact that there's no control over who sees the photo and whose hands it ends up in.

"There's no real way of actually getting wherever that image ends up down off the Internet. So that's something that this family, that these girls, are going to have to ultimately deal with," Thomas said.

After the photo was taken down, Ferrari learned she'd been banned from Facebook for seven days.

"I just wish someone would have actually talked to me and asked a question or something. I just felt it was very harsh," she said.

An official from Facebook said the company doesn't comment on its policies.


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This dummy really thought she was victimized to the extent that she needed to take her stupid story to the media? How attention-starved and desperate for approval is this woman?


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In case anyone was wondering, here's mom:

I say keep her banned. We don't need that shit on Facebook. I'm not talking about the kids. That's harmless. I'm talking about the whale.

You'd think with a last name like Ferrari, she'd at least make an effort to keep herself in shape.