Seattle to add more cameras to catch red-light runners

Traffic cameras will be installed at 18 more Seattle intersections this year to catch drivers who run red lights.

Drivers caught by the cameras will be fined $124.

Mayor Greg Nickels announced the intersections at a news conference this morning with City Council members Nick Licata and Tom Rasmussen. All three recommended adding new cameras in the 2008 budget.

In July 2006, the city started a one-year project at four intersections, and costs were covered by citation fines.

The city spent $420,000 on the program, issued 16,539 citations, and collected $1.1 million in fines. Officials said today that traffic violations dropped by 50 percent at intersections with cameras.

Nice ROI...


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Read my thread in the FU forum...just got my first Red-Light Camera Ticket for taking a right on red. Fucking stupid cameras.


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This is a non-story. Everyone knows this is just another way for cities and towns to generate revenue.


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Try this, don't run a red light.

On a side note, anyone who takes the time to go to court can get the shit thrown out, but nobody bothers.