Second Life: Anyone here in it?


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I stumbled across a weird thing recently at work, called Second Life. It's sorta like a MMORPG, but there's no real point to it, except to interact with other "residents" of the virtual world that's created. It seems to be a huge, cult-like thing, apparently, with hundreds of thousands of people who treat this "place" like it was real-life. It seems they have everything from a real, robust economy, to politicians! I just signed up for an account, gonna take a peek & see what it's like. I'll keep ya posted on what I think of it.


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I'm not going to pay for a house in a virtual place.

You pay real money for everything in that stupid game.


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I tried it once but it failed to keep my attention. It was discussed on the show awhile ago


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So I sign up, create my account, download the installer (Says it doesn't work in vista, but eh. Figured I'd give it a try.) and when I launch, using xp compatibility mode, it bitches about my Nvidia Ti4400 video card. Sheesh.


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Real life is fucked up enough without having to deal with a bunch of virtual douchebags in a second one too. Present company excluded of course.


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Tried it a while ago when someone was offering a virtual conference. Was able to install it, but it ran like shit on my main computer, which while not new, is able to run at least stuff like Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty, etc.

It's not really a game so much as it is a 3D version of a chat room. Companies have been trying to use it for conferences, concerts, press announcements.

Reuters has (or had) a news bureau based in Second Life.

Not a bad concept until a giant penis comes running through the middle of your product introduction.


I tried it when it first came out. I've popped back in several times to see if its improved any. You really can't do very much other than fly around and look at a bunch of advertising and weird architecture.


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I tried it once. The most exciting thing I found was someone had their area set up so you could play bingo against other people once every few hours.