Sega Superstars Tennis

CM Mark

The East is Ours!
Apr 13, 2005
Looks to be basically a ripoff of Mario Tennis, but I just saw a commercial for this game. It's coming out on the 21st, for Wii, 360, PS3, PS2, and the DS. Looks like it could be good.

This seems to be all I can find on it.

SEGA Superstars Tennis features classic SEGA characters - including Sonic the Hedgehog and Ulala from Space Channel 5 - plus some of the most unusual courts and outrageous settings ever imagined in a rousing match of tennis. Developed by Sumo Digital (the team behind the enjoyable Virtua Tennis 3), this title features a toal of 15 playable characters (and a host of SEGA icons cheering on from courtside), each with their own over-the-top tennis skills. Courts are SEGA-themed too, with Green Hill Zone and Samba de Amigo's Carnival Park.
Screenshot taken from the 360 version