Seinfeld snips into Larry King


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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Good for him. Time to call it quits old man.


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This made me so happy. I love it.


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I felt bad for Larry as soon as I saw the suspenders he was wearing. What an old fool.


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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Jambi your sig is amazing, where did that come from?


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Seinfeld seemed upset, but sorta believed King is that oblivious.

Well, hopefully Larry was a fan of The Seinfeld.


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out of touch douchebag meets self-centered douchebag.

Seinfeld is one of the most overrated actors ever. He was the least funny and talented person on that show.

Oh, and he was really pissed at Larry King. Don’t believe that, "I'm faking anger for a laugh" bullshit. The look on his face when that dummy Larry King said what he did was priceless.
Jambi your sig is amazing, where did that come from?
the linger longer sign? it's a photo I took recently in Youngstown FL (just north of Panama City). I noticed the road sign months ago, but only recently got a chance to take a photo. Ironically, Linger Longer road is a dead end dirt road with shitty redneck trailers with junkyard lawns.... definitely not a place you'd want to linger longer.

edit: I'm going to feel like an ass if you're referring to my avatar:icon_conf


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I can't wait to hear the boys have a field day with this gem.


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Seinfeld is great,,,read several of his books, to call him unfunny is an opinion, he's cool



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saw a couple interviews of Seinfeld on the junket tour for his friggin Bee flick, self centered would be an understatement.


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Good. Larry King is a dottering old fool.


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Thats good shit. When will they cancel Larry King?


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So funny seeing Jerry call him out.

"How important were the jokes on Seinfeld's success?"


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Jerry Seinfeld is smart enough to know that Larry King often prefaces his questions by stating the obvious. That's his long established interviewing technique. By overreacting, Seinfeld was just being a comedic ass. That became clear when he dropped the all time cliche line, "Do you know who I am?"

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What a dick, he deserves to be destroyed like that by Jerry Seinfeld, good for him. Jerry is really funny in moments like these. But of all the people on Seinfeld i think Jason Alexander was the best actor they had. George's sense of humor was much like mine which is very very DARK.