September 20 50 dollar Price Cut In North America For The Wii U


Darkness always says hello.
No idea why this needed its own thread but Neckbeard loves to bitch about a system he will never buy.


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I don't even know what separates a wii u from a regular wii


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Packaging Zelda as a digital copy when the HD is only 32 gigs is questionable. I mean it can be expanded but still, a bizarre choice. It absolutely needed the price cut though, no way was it going to compete with PS4 only being $50 more. $100 is a lot of money for poor people though, it'll sell units at that price.


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Barely 6 months in & they're desperate already!
Ha ha ha ha!
Couple this with that 2DS POS ....
Nintendo stinks.
Get in the coffin, already, and make "Mario Galaxy 3" for iPad only.
It'd sell like griddlecakes!