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Whch Do You Want To See?

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The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
Which are you interested in?


El hombre de los moleculos!
Wow. Never realized the sheer magnitude of garbage coming out this month.

I'm only interested in "Shoot Em Up" because it looks campy and popcorny good fun. The rest look shitty.


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Netflix might be my friend since those options are quite lacking.


I can't think of anything funny.
Darjeeling looks very deadpan and funny in that Wes Anderson way. I will check it out, otherwise I am just happy football has started back.


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
The two must sees for me are Darjeeling and Eastern Promises since I love both the directors. 310/Shoot seem interesting but it's not like I'm dying to see them. And I like Will Forte. So there you go. And there were others I forgot now. There's also a musical set in the 1960s to Beatles songs coming out called Across The Universe but I couldn't fit it in.


The only one I even know about is Resident Evil.


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Like the rest 3:10 and Shoot'em up look the best.


The reward is cheese.
3:10 to Yuma because Christian Bale rules.

Shoot 'em Up because it looks like it knows exactly what it is with no pretentiousness - a fun, crazy action movie with lots of gunfire and a hot Monica Bellucci.

The Brave One because a gun-toting vigilante Jodie Foster actually looks badass.
I saw Mr. Woodcock, no joke like a year and a half ago, it was horrible. It was originally directed by some Brit but then they brought in David Dobkin, the Wedding Crashers director for a month of reshoots, so it might be ok, but I doubt it.

I also saw The Assassination of Jesse James, it's long and slow at parts, but the acting is incredible. The story is incredibly interesting, and Pitt, Casey Affleck, and Sam Rockwell were all amazing in it. Might be the best acting Pitt's done in a long time. It's also directed by the guy who did "Chopper" it's way different, but I really think most wackbaggers would like it.

I really want to see 3:10 To Yuma. Lionsgate is really starting to impress me lately, they're doing a lot more than just horror movies lately (I type this then remember they did the Bratz movie and Good Luck Chuck).


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Dragon War!!! It will suck but I am a sucker for that sci Fi crap
I hope 3:10 to Yuma is as good as the origional


I Want To Kill You All
3:10 To Yuma looks great, Russell Crowe is perfect for a western.
Shoot Em Up - Monica Bellucci, that's all I need to know.

Did'nt vote for it but possibly Eastern Promises, even though A History Of Violence was possibly the most overrated movie of the past 10 years.

CM Mark

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how about an option for none of the above? :puke:


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With the exception of 3:10 and MAYBE The Kingdom (and that's a big maybe, notice, I capitalized it), slim pickings.

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When does American Gangster come out?
When does American Gangster come out?
November, which is the reason Russel Crow isn't putting that much time into promoting "3:10 to Yuma". He thinks he has a chance at best supporting actor for American Gangster, and 3:10 coming out now might over saturate him.
What are you people asking for "other" waiting for?

3:10, Jesse James, Shoot Em Up, and the Kingdom all look pretty cool. But there really doesn't seem to be a decent comedy this month.


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3:10 & Shoot'em Up, I 'll eventually see Resident Evil (DVD)

Don't know much about the rest.


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3:10 and Jesse James seem to both be getting damn good reviews. The only downside is, if they succeed, we'll get a shitload of bad pretentious Westerns in the next couple of years.


Just saw Shoot 'em Up tonight,or last night for people pricky about the day changing at midnight...
Anyway, definitely good. Pretty much non-stop ridiculous shooting and the soundtrack is pretty good. The girl that I went to see it with and I wanted to immediately watch it again.

Oh yea, Monica Belluci(?sp) is pretty damn hot through the whole thing.