Sex charges at Women's jail.


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Apr 22, 2002
[SIZE=+2]Sexual misconduct found in WA women's prisons

[/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]05:53 PM PST on Wednesday, December 19, 2007


New security measures for women's prisons

PURDY, Wash. – A new report details allegations of sexual misconduct by guards against women prisoners in Washington State, leading to proposed new security measures at the state's women's prisons.
The allegations are that some male guards forced sex on female inmates in return for special treatment. Now, seven guards are on paid administrative leave.
The corrections officers are accused of making sexual statements to female inmates and demanding sex for favors.
So far, four female inmates are part of a civil suit against the male guards in the state, but many believe this is a pervasive problem in Washington's women's prisons.
"There is a charged atmosphere in the facilities that include verbal harassment, sexual intimidation, and of course, the allegations of sexual assault that we've brought," said Beth Colgan, attorney for the prisoners.
Now comes the results of three reports from consultants hired by the state after the lawsuit was filed in July.
The proposed measures to protect women prisoners include:
--Hire more female staff
--Install more security cameras
--Contract with the Washington State Patrol to investigate sexual allegations
"Any sexual allegations between a staff member and an offender is illegal, and the notion of consensus doesn't have a place here. The power vested in the folks who wear the uniform, any relationship has to be viewed as coercive," said Eldon Vail, Interim Corrections Secretary.
The allegations first surfaced two years ago, but the Department of Corrections is just now contacting law enforcement, asking them to investigate.

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Mar 2, 2006
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When we used to have the bitches at my facility, about one a year would turn up pregnant. Glad those holes are gone, because women inmates are the fucking worst.