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Shackles,Torture Chamber,Child`s Skull Found In Former Group Home

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Stalker2, Mar 5, 2008.

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    First glimpse inside Jersey children's home Haut de la Garenne

    JERSEY CARE HOME FINDS Police find trapdoor to hidden rooms

    Victoria Ward, In Jersey Victoria.Ward@Mirror.Co.Uk 1/03/2008

    [​IMG] Jersey children's home pic: Harry Page, Daily Mirror
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    This Is the first glimpse inside the former children's home where forensic experts are digging for human remains.
    Detectives probing harrowing allegations of child abuse and torture at at Haut de la Garenne, Jersey, have discovered a secret trapdoor.
    It is thought to lead to hidden dungeons where a child's skull and shackles have already been found.
    On hands and knees, officers are painstakingly searching the first of three underground chambers where victims are said to have been drugged, flogged and *****.​
    Police chief Lenny Harper said: "We have uncovered a trapdoor - a space in the floorboards. Its size and location corresponds with what we've been told by victims.
    "It is a homemade entrance in the floor above the cellar."
    The sealed crime scene, filled with dust and debris, is slowly being excavated using diggers, hi-tech scanners and sniffer dogs.
    The skull was found in a ground floor stairwell.
    Behind it, under a fluorescent spotlight, lies the entrance to a cellar thought to have been used over decades for acts of sickening violence and sexual abuse.​

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