shamless plug for ole tyme sake


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Thanks. I try. I like the Bin pic lol um-F U C him trll him I made it and I am waiting for him at home. As a member of the Opium and Anthrax army I am ready

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LOL Harry. that's pretty funny. You should have shows like

Osama the Yankee imperialist dog slayer
Taliban soldiers say the darndest things
Veronica's closet full of black shapeless dresses
Judge Osama
Allah McBeal
(well, the last word is from my script; not the Ford Fairlane sequel, the other one)

Standoff Comedy



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How about
I wear a Timex vatch all through my ass kicking.............It keeps on ticking ;)

bin Ladin Razor Blades... It doesnt just give you a close shave it takes the whole head right off.
Talaban Sandwich shoppe
And we do mean sand.
Don't worry about the lice we wont weigh em


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We are all Little plug whores in our own little way ;)


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Fo I am the greatest web promoter that ever lived. I have promoted sites in ways that would curl your cute little toes. lol I am not a shamless little plug whore I am a slutpluging maniac.