Shaun "Talcum X" King is a Fucktard

Genuine diversity = no whites.
Not an issue here (obviously)... the odd thing is (yes there is more blecks here then just the "town" bleck guy) the ones raised here don't end up running fentyl down from NYC... they are polite... oddly more then the white trash kids.
Umm old Cyntinia killed her "grapist" when she was a prostitute...

To the victor belong the spoils... idiot.

Don't bitch when one of those illegals gets muy baracho (again) and runs over a bunch of kids...

Psst it happened in their embassy aka effectively in their country.

You mean they are enforcing the law... oh dear...

Feel free to cut your cawk off but why do I have to pay for it?

And once more someone not held accountable for their actions...

I'm guessing she doesn't see the irony of what she typed....

Awww sheeeet I's be a runnin again....

How about no...

What's a police license... and again how about not resisting and or spitting in the officer's face hmmm? Oh he was being arrested for drug warrants btw.

Yes please endorse whoever cuz they seem to loose...

Hmmm don't commit a robbery in the first place?

Hmmm I think ole talc is turning in to snackbar...

Basically nutbar goes nutty with an air rifle on his back, then takes rifle off back and points it at PoPo... PoPo ventilate said nutter... cop arrested for masnlaughter (da fuq).

Rifle in question...

Of course the family has nothing to do with this...

How about applying at the many US embassy's in Mexico... and other countries?

Psssst buying guns illegally is illegal you know...

No closing the loophole of criminals selling guns to other criminals. Or the loophole allowing shooters time to reload because nobody is shooting back at them.
No closing the loophole of criminals selling guns to other criminals. Or the loophole allowing shooters time to reload because nobody is shooting back at them.
Are you saying a felon selling a firearm to another felon is against the law? Holy shit...
Man ole Talc really hates the Jew apparently... and not really a loyalty oath:

...after she refused to sign an oath vowing that she “does not” and “will not” engage in a boycott of Israel or “otherwise tak[e] any action that is intended to inflict economic harm” on that foreign nation.

And again her resisting arrest didn't complicate things...

Did he have a pet kidden and love his mom as well?

And killed a guy...

"This is a disgrace and clearly violates our constitutional right to free speech. 26 states, including my home state of New York, now require all state employees and contractors to sign a loyalty oath to Israel, stating that you will never boycott them under any circumstance."
But deplatforming and demonetizing people that disagree politically is A-OK!
Well how did I get here... oh that's right I jumped through all the hoops paid my fees got vetted etc...

KNOW THIS... wtf do you do with them then?

Umm k...

How about getting a useful degree or I dunno a trade instead?

So keeping out invaders, criminals, white slavers etc is rayciss...

How about Obama's, you know the one that instituted this?

Oh noes he said a word...

Hmm wonder why they did that... thought you guys liked unions?

Hey how about not trafficking in drugs that way avoid being in jail... naaaaah

Jordan Peele's Wife:

Deh done exmacumaficated an innocent angel boy lad man... oh wait:

Lakeland police release video of shooting that killed Haven teen

I's was merely nudging de po-lice osssifer wit my hoooptie

Lakeland Police Department has received more than 200 service calls in 2018 to site of early morning fatal encounter. Michael Jerome Taylor was shot and killed trying to flee in a stolen Camaro.

LAKELAND — An early morning shooting Wednesday involving Lakeland Police Department officers has left a Winter Haven teenager dead.

The incident took place during a gathering of about 200 people in the parking lot of Salem’s Gyros and Subs restaurant, LPD said in a news release. LPD spokesman Gary Gross said the agency received a call from an employee at Salem’s requesting officers to clear the parking lot at 101 E. Memorial Blvd., at the intersection with North Florida Avenue.

Michael Jerome Taylor, 17, of 3741 Imperial Drive in Winter Haven, died after being shot by officers, Lakeland Police Chief Larry Giddens said.

Officers responded at 2:21 a.m. to a call from an employee at Salem’s about a large crowd gathered in the parking lot, LPD said. Officers attempted to clear the parking lot of people loitering when Officer Raj Patel noticed a black Chevrolet Camaro that fit the description of a vehicle stolen from Winter Haven.

The vehicle, reported stolen to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, was parked sideways facing southwest, an LPD news release said. As multiple officers approached the vehicle, the driver, later identified as Taylor, attempted to flee by rapidly accelerating the car, placing officers and others in immediate danger, LPD reported.

The vehicle accelerated south toward Officer Markais Neal, putting him in fear for his life, and he fired at the vehicle, the release said. Two other officers also fired at the vehicle as it accelerated through the parking lot, striking several vehicles and a utility pole.

The Camaro continued south, hitting another vehicle and propelling it into the wall of an adjacent business, Bike Barn. At some point during the incident, a female passenger jumped out of the stolen vehicle and was detained, LPD said.

Officers removed Taylor from the driver’s seat and immediately began first aid. A firearm was found on the driver’s side floorboard of the Camaro, LPD said.

Taylor was transported to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center and was later declared dead. As of Wednesday afternoon, LPD said it was unclear how many times the suspect was shot or how many rounds the officers fired. The Lakeland Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit and the State Attorney’s Office responded to the scene.

LPD released surveillance video Wednesday afternoon from a camera fixed at Salem’s showing the entire 42-second episode.

Taylor was on felony probation as a violent offender of special concern under the anti-murder act for robbery with a weapon, burglary while armed, fleeing and eluding with a high-speed chase, burglary of a conveyance and grand theft auto, LPD said. The loaded gun found in the Camaro had previously been reported stolen.

The female passenger is currently in custody, according to Giddens. LPD is not identifying her because she is a witness to a homicide.

Patel, 23, has been with LPD for 18 months and Neal, 28, for one year. A third officer, Joseph Novis, 25, also was involved in the shooting, LPD reported. As is agency policy following officer-involved shootings, the three have been placed on paid administrative leave for a minimum of three days.

Crime-scene tape surrounded the parking lot Wednesday morning. Several vehicles remained in the parking lot, and the restaurant was closed.

The black Camaro remained in place, its front end touching the parked car that crashed into the Bike Barn wall. Bullet holes could be seen in the rear window and the left and right rear side panels.

Salem’s was the site of an incident early Thanksgiving morning in which a melee broke out and several people were arrested. The eatery is a regular gathering spot for people who congregate after nightclubs close at 2 a.m., Gross said following that incident.

Gross said many of those who gather at Salem’s migrate from Rumors, a nightclub at 935 E. Memorial Blvd. in the Town Center shopping plaza, about six blocks east of Salem’s. The restaurant is usually open until 4 a.m.

Records provided by LPD show that the agency received 203 calls for service from the vicinity of Salem’s in the past year. The calls included narcotics violations, fights, theft, assault and battery and a hit-and-run incident on Sept. 23.

The records indicated LPD received 325 calls for service in the past year from the vicinity of Rumors for things such as narcotics violations, fights, assault and battery and an episode of shots fired on April 2.

Salem’s is a small chain of restaurants based in Tampa. A woman who answered a call Wednesday morning at the corporate office said no one was available to talk to the media.

Gross said LPD might have a discussion with Salem’s management to see whether the business is taking steps to ensure safety on its property.

“Like a lot of other businesses, they just call when it gets out of control,” Gross said. “It would be up to them if they want to hire a detail officer.”

Giddens asked that anyone with information on the incident contact the Lakeland Police Department at 863-834-6900.

Nothing of value was lost...

So what he in a stolen car, almost runs over a popo ossifer and is an armed felon... deh shouldn't of shootified him.

Not impressed by your grouping though you did hit your intended target.

Micheal "Did'n Du Nuffin" Taylor
Pssst M3-13 is here as well you know... right?

Well blackish...

Just kill this piece of shit already...

Funny no rewards when some black kid is murdered in a drive by in Chicongo... oh wait that is black on black crime...



Cute I am.
Wackbag Staff
Funny no rewards when some black kid is murdered in a drive by in Chicongo... oh wait that is black on black crime...

Police say they “think” the driver is white.
I haven’t seen one report yet where it is confirmed 100%.