Shaun "Talcum X" King is a Fucktard

I was not the least bit surprised to find the claims of a white shooter in his 40's with a beard to be incorrect..because first of all here's the thing...the sketck of the "so called white man" didn't have a beard!!! And with no hair how could he be a red head?..Also neither of the shooters have blue eyes..
Washington's oldest daughter, Alexis Dilbert, was in the front seat. She told CNN last week she remembered making eye contact with a man who pulled up close to them. "His eyes were blue. His face was kind of thin and pale," she said.
.I'm also not surprised to see every talking head defending the accusation and backing off every assertion they made about this racist attacker on the loose...I find it interesting that they say it was a red pickup with this guy in it when the VICTIM from a hospital bed in front of all the cameras said she SAW a white man shoot them...Not some guy in a pickup...
Nothing to see here...


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Ohhhh is talcum going to pay his $25k? Because the shooter was, as expected black....
Pre- 9/11 I was working with the INS on some projects....

There were several, SEVERAL Canadian border crossings that used a cone......a traffic cone in the road.....after hours, so like 5pm to 7:30am the only thing keeping a car from crossing was a cone in the road.

Funniest thing about that was no one moved the cones, there were ruts off to the side where people went around it instead of moving it.

Still makes me laugh
Ya pretty SOP in border towns (up through Quebec), typically there would be a sign saying please report to a crossing. And half the time they would just wave you through without looking at any ID. Well not like I had much of an ID my first DL was just text with no photo or fingerprints.
So if the majority doesn't like them can't they vote them out next election?

Well watching COPs and LivePD basically shows just baby mama and no sperm donors with the kids for instance... oh as for bathing feed etc... how about shooting in a few shekles so mom can go off de welfare hmmm?

Where was the outrage when Obama did this for Obamacare?

NBC is so disingenuous... I'm sure Paco in the middle of the desert humped one of these things to the wall with gas and extra blades... when will MSM realize the wall won't stop everybody but what it might do it deter most...

You gonna end a certain demo from committing most of the crime as well?

I can smell the coco butter from here... hmmm hmmm

Dat be rayciss!!!!!!

Hmm says in parole thing don't hang around known criminals... hangs around with a known criminal... are people really this fucking stooopid?

Troof hurts don't it...

Again how does one avoid a Failure to Appear warrant... hmmm that is a tough one... holy fuck.

Perhaps mommy shouldn't be a petty crook hmmm?

You mean it sucks going to prison? Da fuq?

I'm sure she was totally hired due to her qualifications...

Takes two to tango pull start... your boys ain't actually assisting either.

You ought to know you race baiting white boi...

Oh could you imagine... wonder how long until a revolution would start...

Ban knives?

DEM RAYCISS COPS EXMACUMINCAFATED DIS GED GETTER... shit oh wait... (from CNN so take with grain of salt)

Jameek Lowery was paranoid and pleaded with police for help. He died two days later

Before Jameek Lowery left a New Jersey police station and boarded an ambulance early Saturday morning, he felt paranoid and agitated, fearful that police were trying to kill him.

By the time the ambulance arrived at the hospital minutes later, he was unresponsive, Passaic County Prosecutor's Office said.
Lowery, 27, died early Monday at the hospital in Paterson and questions about what happened to him have sparked protests in the city and are now the focus of a prosecutor's investigation.

On Thursday, several officials and family members who had interacted with Lowery were informed that he had meningitis, according to Kathleen Long, chief of staff for Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh.

Mayor Sayegh had met Lowery at an unrelated business opening on December 29, so he was given antibiotics as a precaution on Thursday, the mayor said. First responders and others in contact with Lowery were also told to go to St. Joseph's University Medical Center for antibiotic treatment as a precaution, the mayor said.

Bacterial meningitis can be spread through coughing or saliva, the New Jersey Department of Health said in a statement, saying that an unnamed person who died Monday had the disease. Common symptoms of meningitis include fever, headache, and stiff neck, and there are often additional symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and confusion, the agency said.

The prosecutor's office, citing initial reports and information, said that police used physical force and compliance holds to secure Lowery in the ambulance. Hospital records indicate no acute trauma, the prosecutor's office said.

In the wake of Lowery's death, protests at Paterson City Hall on Tuesday evening escalated into chaos, and police used mace to disperse the crowds, according to CNN affiliate WPIX. In addition, several members of Lowery's family spoke out at a city council meeting to call for an investigation, Long said.

Protesters calling for answers in Jameek Lowery's death march in Paterson on Tuesday.

"There's gonna be justice coming," Lowery's mother, Patrice King said, according to WPIX. "I'm gonna get justice before I leave this world. If it kills me, I'm gonna get justice."

Facebook Live video shows police interaction

Prior to the ambulance ride, Lowery posted two Facebook Live videos from the police headquarters in which he claimed that the police were trying to kill him. "I'm just paranoid. I'm not touching nobody," he says.

Throughout the video, two officers stand a distance away, ask him to relax and call for an ambulance.

"There's somebody over there trying to kill me," he says in the video. "Please don't kill me officers."

In a second video, he repeatedly asks for water, but the officers say they are not allowed to give it to him, even as he appears sweaty and foam forms at the corners of his mouth.

The incident began early Saturday morning at about 2:45 a.m. when a man believed to be Lowery called 911 and said he had taken Ecstasy and was paranoid, the prosecutor's office said.

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is a synthetic drug that acts as a stimulant and hallucinogen, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Lowery was transported to a local hospital in an ambulance, but left after becoming erratic, the prosecutor's office said. About an hour after the first call, a man thought to be Lowery called 911 again to report that people were trying to kill him, the prosecutor's office said.

Minutes later, Lowery entered the Paterson Police Department headquarters and appeared agitated -- the same incident captured on the Facebook Live video, prosecutors said.

Paterson Police asked the Paterson Fire Department to respond to the scene, and Lowery was then transported in a Fire Department ambulance to a local area hospital. The mayor's office said that Lowery walked to the ambulance and that the ambulance ride to St. Joseph's University Medical Center lasted 3 minutes and 11 seconds.

The Passaic County Prosecutor's Office said in a statement that it is investigating the circumstances of Lowery's death. The cause and manner of his death will be determined by the New Jersey Regional Medical Examiner's Office. Prosecutors are also awaiting the results of toxicology and autopsy reports.

"I completely support a full investigation into Saturday evening's events," Mayor Sayegh said in a statement. "In the meantime, I have expressed my condolences to the family of Mr. Lowery, who are suffering during this difficult time."
Paterson Police did not respond to a request for comment.

Pamela Garretson, spokeswoman for St Joseph's University Medical Center, said that they could not comment on the medical care given to Lowery because of patient privacy laws. "We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family on their loss," she said.

So dude takes X and contracts Bacterial Menengitus goes ape in blambulance and has to be restrained... so the cops should let him chimp out in the ambulance as they are rushing him to the hospital? Fucking people.
Yes us dopey white people will involve lawyers and stuff to protect our asses...

Give me a fucking break...

Oooooh you mean the programs paid for by actual citizens/legal residents for these illegal aliens... well isn't that just grand.

Umm don't share illegal drugs with people...

Shauny so much salt is going to get your blood pressure up...

Ya it's called a Trespass warning, she could be cited or arrested if she shows up there again.


Just like you did when you falsely accused that Texas State Trooper of graping a bleck woman on a DUI stop.

Hmmm again see above... he gets to say whatever he wants with no reprisals... must be nice.

You left tax the fuck out of everybody to pay for this shit...


Again when the government is up and running they will get paid... eesh\

Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, started at a job this week teaching art at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia. It’s not a school where everyone is welcome. In a “parent agreement” posted online, the school says it will refuse admission to students who participate in or condone homosexual activity. The 2018 employment application also makes candidates sign a pledge not to engage in homosexual activity or violate the “unique roles of male and female.” - Now if she was a buslim and worked at a buslim school with the same rules....


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Illegal to work three weeks without pay?!
How often does the President get paid again? Farmer? Contractors?
Ya I say we stop being world police and shut some of those down...

Well it is actually... and I wonder who gets the blame if some illegal alien drinks some bad water and snuffs it.

Yep for serial offenders especially one with gun offences... oh you want then out with us... errr k

It's just terrible when you have been accused in the public eh...

It is said that a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth even puts on its boots. It has become abundantly clear to me that truer words were never spoken. Over the past several years of Shaun’s activism, there have been so many lies told about him, that I’ve just come to accept it as par for the course when you do the kind of public work that he does. There are times, however, when the lies coalesce in such a way as to masquerade as the truth. It is in these moments that I feel compelled to leave the hard-earned anonymity of my private life, and speak out publicly. I want to be clear that less than I am writing to defend him, I am writing because I feel the need to defend myself. After all, any accusation that he’s stealing, is by default an accusation that I am a thief as well. As it is I -like many wives and mothers- who manages and spends the money that supports and sustains my family. And trust me, even with mine and Shaun’s five full-time jobs, we do not make so much of it that it’s piling up in our accounts unaccounted for. I see every deposit made and am painfully aware of every withdrawal. So to call him a thief is to call me one too. I want to be so unambiguously clear and state right here that there has never been and never will be, a time in which I allow my husband to steal money from anyone for any reason. Point. Blank. Period. Full effin stop.

So somehow it is our problem that these people have to wait to enter this country illegally... well that's just terrific.

Hey before this cycle starts how about having I dunno a good DL, your car registered, insurance etc... and if you don't... how about not driving especially smoking weed while you do it?

Geez must be nice to have a surplus of funds to do that...

Well if you prosecute people more for doing illegal things doesn't that make them not want to do it again?


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"and Shaun’s five full-time jobs"

Hardest working ****** out there 200 hrs a week.

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Ya the kids just standing there... if it was Antipheg they would hurling rocks and pepper spraying him.

Moar whoops

And de blecks can't be rayciss either right?

Yes the high on PCP serial criminal who was being chased due to trucks being broken into and their radios stolen... FYI the family well Mom's and Sister as the dad is out of the picture (shocking I know) got $5 mil


Scraping a dull blade across your tender eyeball


Ya the kids just standing there... if it was Antipheg they would hurling rocks and pepper spraying him.

Moar whoops

And de blecks can't be rayciss either right?
What was the second tweet? It's gone.