Shaun "Talcum X" King is a Fucktard

I'm gonna guess that arresting someone for possession of a stolen shopping cart is going to be a lot easier then say a grape or murder charge... gah what a tool

Cuz perhaps like a lot of them they are made up?

Hey how about just paying your fare... k thank bye...

I will say you guys seem to defend your selves rather aggressively...

Happy birfday Joo hater


Ummm what is rayciss?

From the story: The Washington Post, the Root, and others have recently written about a District of Columbia police officer who was seen in D.C. Superior Court wearing a t-shirt with a white supremacist symbol and the grim reaper holding a rifle and police badge. Under the ugly image of death is the caption “let me see that waistband jo” — understood to be a reference to “jump outs,” a highly controversial police practice, or “mocking a slang expression used by some black youths” in the neighborhoods where the officer works. This particular officer’s shirt states the precinct in which he works: the 7th District, an area of the city where the residents are primarily African American.

Oh so you are a traitor to you country then...

Well invaded really... watched a video of the Toronto Subway in the 50's... holy wipo... ain't like that now.


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Ya Chimpcongo def doesn't need more police...

Oh wait..

20 shot, 3 fatally, in Chicago weekend shootings

Did this fucktard actually say make closed schools into schools? I did laugh at the community banks idea. Funny how the police can do no right. I so want this asshat to live in the ghetto without police around. Film that and it would be the highest rated show watched. Live PD would be unwatchable compared to that.

Well they have to be put some where... I guess we could house them in tents in the dessert if you want.

Eww... those look like 3/4" holes... pretty sure they don't make an "Assault Rifle" in 750 Nitro Express... and of course its on a Massholes's car...

How to avoid being beaten up by de popo... don't run from them... and definitely don't crash into their cars... they don't like that.

Yes how dare a company try to save a few bucks...

They know he is the Joo right?

So what do you do with problem children then?

Umm you left out the trying to flee on a hogcycle... see they don't like it when you run from them as they don't know if you are armed or have more drugs on you...

Dis bish think she be terrorized.... I think what the gangs do every night is worse.

How do we know that... you say go do a armed robbery (note the armed bit) what exactly do you think the guns are for?

Of course no mention he was shot by a bleck gang member... nah

For violent criminals I'd rather err on the side of caution

So you don't want to know when say a serial grapist or kiddie diddler moves into your area... intradasting

Well kinda in the name Black L Matter?

Can I see what they were charged with? As I am assuming not jay walking.

Oh the thieving, collar straightening, jaywalking dude who likes assaulting police officers?

I guess some people like getting jizzed on while riding the subway.

Ya isn't that kinda the point... if they fuck up whilst on parole back down the stripey hole they go.

Nice to see employers give flex time to employees...

Oh ya the one that just did a drive by shooting...

Guessing we will never see a breakdown of those charges...