Shave Your Bush for Bush.


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O&A want ladies to come down tommrow to shave their bearded clam tommrow to help support the war effort. Just like the guys shaving their beards in Kabul. :D
Plus Patty gets all the hair to glue on her head. It's a patriotic duty, and a win/win situation. :D


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I would go but I already have a woodfloor.
there would be no point to that.
It sounds like you're already doing you're part Fofo. You wouldn't want you're hair on Patty's head anyway. :rolleyes:


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Hun I would not want any part of my hair or anything on me on Stalker Patty.
The thought is just to scary.
i say any women brave enough(other than stalker-patty) should get there asses down there and do it! nothing makes me happier than seeing a girl get her bush shaved. dont you agree? so long ya f___ing tools.
YOU SUCK!!!!! keep up the good work.

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hairless putang is the best. Even if you don't listen to the show or don't like the guys you should get it shaved. All that hair there just bothers when you want to do something for the girl. Shaved is more gooder


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Fart jokes always funny

Shaving bush always great radio-even in DC :D