She's Back


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Damn I thought I would never hear form Nikki ever since the time show,
wore that white outfit with the Hat and lord did they piss her off and she cried and now she is back


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Yeah the prude plug whore is back and annoying as ever. That song blew monkey ass. She sounds so sexy when she just talks. She should stick to talking cause her singing was breaking mirrors and I had headphones on. ;)

I can't wait to see those pictures. She sounds hot. Did they ever put her pic's up on the website? I don't remember ever seeing any.


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she broke my truck mirrors on the ride home. She should just talk, I quite agree.


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She came close to when O&A made fun of one her teef.

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She looks like this one girl I met sometime ago, but it wasn't Nikki. If it was, you guys would've been the first to know! ^^