Shit! Another addictive puzzle game.

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Saw this last week, addictive as hell. Thanks for fucking making me late this morning!


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I am losing my life to these games !!!!!!!
This game makes me so mad. I got to level 8 or something last week, but I spent hours on the next level.


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That company ( alot of other addictive games I spent the last six hours playing them....I need a fucking life!
Damn you sir. I have just found something that consume my life for the next few days. At least til I hit a wall and can't go any farther.
Update..I'm on 15 and kinda though


i`m over here now
been playing on and off for about 3 hours i`m at 14


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Nice game, it reminds me of IQ(Intelligent Qube) for the PS1.

I'm on level 25 and i won't rest until i beat the game :icon_mrgr

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I've made it to level 31 and I hate you for posting this game here.


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Pay some bills...take out the garbage...maybe take a look at some porn...nope, I didn't get to do any of that last night because I had to view this thread and check the game out. Next thing I know, I'm late for work because I'm exhausted and the douchebags picking up the garbage decided to come really early...


Great game though! I think I'm at level 18.


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After 3 days of playing, i beat all 33 levels.

Don't i get a cookie or something :action-sm

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Ninja, I fucking hate you and wish you a slow death.
Great find though.


annoying at times, still fun
Now up to level 23 playing off and on the last few days