Shocking Story of 11-Year-old Girl Dying in Celebration While Playing Mini-Golf

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Girl, 11, electrocuted in mini-golf pond
Victim was visiting Orlando from New York

Published On: Jun 27 2012 07:46:57 PM EDT
Updated On: Jun 28 2012 06:03:50 PM EDT


An 11-year-old girl was electrocuted while retrieving her golf ball from a pond at a Celebration resort's mini-golf course, according to authorities.

The Orange-Osceola Medical Examiner said Ashton Jojo was electrocuted around 2:10 p.m. Wednesday at the Orange Lake Resort on West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway.

A building safety department official said on Thursday that the electrocution was likely caused by a possible faulty pump connected to an improper circuit breaker.

Orange County sheriff's deputies said Ashton was playing Putt-Putt when her ball went into a pond. Deputies said Jojo went to retrieve the ball and then screamed.

A guest tried to rescue her but was unable. He was also injured, deputies said.

Ashton was taken to Celebration Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Officials said Ashton, who recently celebrated a birthday, was visiting Florida from New York with her family.

"Orange Lake Resort holds the safety and well-being of our guests and employees as our top priority and concern," the resort said in a statement. "The miniature golf facility where the incident happened is closed and will not re-open until further notice. Our thoughts and prayers are with the guests, their families and friends during this time. The resort staff will continue to cooperate fully with local authorities in their investigation."


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The mouse is gonna pay big time for this one.

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Did she scream RAT FARTS after she hit her ball into the lake?


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that place will be sued out of existance soon


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this is the one activity on earth no one would think a person would die doing


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I'd keep playing...I don't think the heavy amps are going to be coming down for a while.

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I say nay. Not a Darwin thing. What 11 year old thinks they should not get their ball out of a pool in a mini-golf course? Shit, I would have made my kid fish that ball out after knocking it in.


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Well, that's watt you get.

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Was the Saudi king's fuckup son installing various electronics around the pool the night before, by any chance?