Shopsin Documentary - IFC


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Has anyone seen this documentary? I caught it last night on IFC and it's about this really eccentric and small cafe in the village. The owner has all of these crazy rules and has thrown almost everyone, including the regulars, out of the place at least once. But also the owner spouts out all of his philosophical views on life which I found interesting.

Apparently, the owner has had the place for 30+ years - the building was sold and his new landlord only offered him a one year lease. So, he is closing and moving a few block away.

I kept thinking about how this type of place would be right up Ron's alley. Anyone ever been there?

If you see it on, I recommend checking it out for the entertainment alone.

EDIT: The name of the documetary is "I Like Killing Flies." Also, it looks like it is now located in Essex longer in the village.
brilliant documentary. you can watch it on your pc with netflix instant viewing. My friend used to go all the time at the first location and smoke joints with the guys wife. I never wanted to go. Now I'm begging him to go. so maybe this saturday i'll check it out. It's small now, just a stall that seats less than 15 people.


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Holy Shit - I've got to rent that! Those people used to be customers at my video store back in the 80s. They would come out to northern New Jersey on weekends and rent piles of movies from us. Their children looked like welfare kids with torn clothes and dirty faces. They had just had a baby and I swear the thing looked like the Eraserhead Baby.