Should Al Roker be fired?

Isn't this one of the people who openly called for Imus' firing? How does he get away with just an apology?

From today's NY Post:

Al Roker apologized for comments he made Thursday.June 9, 2007 -- AL Roker apologized yesterday for joking about epileptic seizures on Thursday's "Today" show.

"Remember that controversial Olympic logo for the 2012 Olympics in London? Some folks have complained that the campaign actually sent them into epileptic seizures," Roker said on Thursday's show.

"Well, we asked you to weigh in on our Web site in an informal poll; those of you who could get up off the floor after shaking around were able to actually log in . . . "

Yesterday, Roker said he was sorry.

"I started joking about it. I want to make this clear - I was not joking about epilepsy or anyone who suffers from epilepsy," he said at around 8:04 a.m. while he was delivering a weather report from Milwaukee.

"We understand and know that this is a serious affliction and would never joke about that.

"We were joking about the logo - not about epilepsy. If anybody was offended, I heartily and really humbly apologize."

"Today's" poll showed that 80 percent of viewers thought the logo was inappropriate.


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I don't suffer from epileptic seizures and I feel sorry for those who do. I for one call for his firingness.

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I think he needs to be fired too.


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yup, if everything absolutely has to be 100% politically correct in the world the way the whiny PC people want it to be, then making fun of "nappy-headed ho's" is just as bad as making fun of people who live with epilepsy and Roker deserves the same punishment as Imus.

I would love to see video of the epileptics picketing.


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Al Roker definitely needs to get fired. At the very least, NBC news president Steve "Crapus" and Al Roker need to meet with Twitchels and apologize to him. I'm sure that Twitchel's had an epileptic seizure at one time so he should get to speak for all people with epilepsy.


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One of my best friends suffers from epilepsy, I'll have to ask her what she thinks.
My opinion, fire his ass. Might as well. If you're going to fire Imus, JV&E, O&A, etc, why not Roker?


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So how about a couple thousand emails boycotting the Today show? Don't identify yourselves as "pests", but as "faithful Today show viewers" and that you are offended and will be boycotting their sponsors and their network over the disrespectuf comments.

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It's funny Roker asked people to "weigh" in on the matter. Opie voice " get it cause Al Roker was fat before he was stapled "


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This black bobblehead doll should be fired just for being a shitty weatherman all those years.......this one caps it.

That being said, should we really sink to their levels?

Okay, never mind. Stop that, reverse it......okay, move on....


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I am an epileptic.... I suffer from Petite Mal Epilepsy Siezures. (Yes I look like I zone out)
My sister has it worse, she has grand mal.
The worst are the "aura" that signifies the onset of the attacks....for me.... it is the scent of Pine Trees....for my sister it is the taste of Apple Pie.
It has been basically eliminated through almost 30 years of daily doses of Phenobarb. I am offended and I say I want him gone!


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Don't fire him. Put him on a 30 day suspension.

I want him to feel the full effect of slow roasting.

Besides I would love to see how Al Sharpton rolls this one
into keeping the black man down.


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we could totally get him fired. at the very least we would really expose the hippocricy.

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well my dad didnt make it paste 55 cause he was an epileptic. thanks al, you cunt!

Fruit Monkey

Don't stare at it eat it! P-1 In trainning
well my dad didnt make it paste 55 cause he was an epileptic. thanks al, you cunt!

Now im even more pissed not a fucking mention on google news anywhere!

oh look al has a message board of his very own !

My email
After watching my father die at the age of 55, from his Grand Mal siezures. Al has some balls making fun of a medical condition that one has no control over. Imus was fired for much less. If Al Roker is not fired I am going to start emailing each sponsor daily until they pull advertising. Me and my small group of friends will do this non stop until something is done about it.

The first on my list to get notice will be


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Given his comments on other people's screw ups, I think Mr Potato Head needs to be fired! It's only fair. Apologies are no longer good enough in today's world....anti-epilectite bastard that he is.
This is my letter:

I am writing as a 32 year old faithful watcher of the Today Show. I am absolutely upset at the "joke" Al Roker made about the new Olympic Logo and its correlation with epileptics. I am a pharmacist who sees on a daily basis the effect living with epilepsy has not only on the individual suffering from it, but their families as well. I can not believe that NBC would allow him to simply apologize for this insensitivity. I will no longer watch you show nor support your sponsors. NBC has shown in the past with the removal of Imus that they have integrity and compassion. I can only hope that NBC will stand up and remove Al Roker, showing that you still exhibit the same integrity. Until then, I am, former viewer, ************


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what a great idea. call for someone to be fired while tryn to fight for
free speech rights. thatll help our cause alot


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Al Roker attempted to ad lib a joke in order to entertain his viewers and ended up offending someone. That makes him no better than the likes of a "Don Imus". The only logical solution are multiple heartfelt apologies followed by an immediate firing and banashment from good society. That's the way it works isn't? Not so fun now that the overburdened shoe is on the other foot is it.... weatherman.



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So complain to the sponsors of the GE, NBC News, Today show and food network and let them know. This is a double edged sword, and he thinks his colour can save his ass.

I THINK NOT!!!!!!!

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