Should "Bear" go to the Bunny Ranch?

Should Bear get the trip to the Bunny Ranch?

  • Yes. Get that poor bastard laid.

    Votes: 39 72.2%
  • No. He doesn't deserve it, someone else had a better story.

    Votes: 6 11.1%
  • Who'se this Bear guy? I don't know. Grrr.

    Votes: 9 16.7%

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After listening to "Bear"'s wife on the show today, should Bear win the trip to the Bunny Ranch?


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Of course he should, if only for the fact that his wife wouldnt care if he cheated.

BTW, great bit today. Best stuff Ive heard in a long while. I was able to go into work later than usual today (professional development yay) and was able to hear just about the whole thing.


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so many of these sad fucks should win. bear might be ahead, but by a nose. there were a lot of stories that are close, and it's tough to pick a big "winner."


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I think his story was fake. I bet he got laid once they got off the phone with him. I say someone else should win.


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Give it to the poor son of a bitch.


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If he wins or not, that was damn entertaining today.