Should I even bother buying a Smartphone from a budget cell company?

I have Metro PCS and a shitty LG flip phone. I have decided that I want to get a smartphone. I know when Metro first offered an Android phone it was a shitty stripped down version with the processor from a digital watch. Now they have the Galaxy Indulge for $299.

Does anyone own this phone? I want to make sure I buy a proper smartphone that can run any app that I want. I think it's just the same as the Galaxy with some tweaks to run it on the Metro PCS network.

Oh and I'll stop you right now. I WILL NOT buy a phone from one of the big names. I do not want $100 phone bills and having to watch my data usage. The coverage here is fine and i'll only go from $40 to $60 month unlimited everything INCLUDING data.

Here is the phone.

  • External Display: 3.5" HVGA 320X480
  • Camera: 3.2 megapixel
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension Length: 5.2 in
  • Dimension Width: 2.4 in
  • Dimension Thickness: 0.6 in
  • External Memory: 32GB
  • Internal Memory: 2GB
  • Internal Antenna
  • Operating System: Android 2.2
  • Style: Smartphone
  • Standby Time (up to): 300 hr
  • Talk Time (up to): 3 hr
  • Technology Supported: AWS
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Weight: 5.35 oz


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I don't own it, I have a Droid X, but that seems comparable to mine! Mine isn't 4G capable so that's better. And you'll be paying less than I will since I have Verizon.
That's not a bad phone at all. Pretty damn expensive, but it's not a bad phone. Virgin Mobile has the Samsung Intercept. It's also a respectable phone.

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Paying $300 for a phone like that up front pays for itself in just a few months with the savings on the monthly plan. The 320x480 resolution is really crappy compared to the newer phones and a 3.2 meg camera isn't exactly cutting edge either. And the battery life on it seems pretty bad reading some of the reviews, but that could be remedied with programs like Tasker and Juice Defender. Not to mention an extra battery or two would probably be pretty cheap if it uses the same ones as the other Galaxys.

MetroPCS is CDMA so you could actually get a Sprint or Verizon phone "flashed" to work on MetroPCS. A lot of sellers on Ebay or Craigs sell them that way already.

If you're not a real "power user" and don't care a lot about a super-bright high-res screen, go for it. Turning off the 4G will save you on the battery issues as well.
Not really considering there is no contract. I wonder how much an iPhone cost retail?
You could buy a used iPhone for that much, unlock it and put a Go Phone SIM card in it.

I do think this is going to be the start of a trend, though. I really mean no offense by this, seriously, but the gimmedats who use the prepaid plans would love to buy higher end smartphones. They only keep them for about 3 weeks anyway, and there is a large black market of shops selling flashed phones to use on Metro PCS and Cricket. They'd be smart to tap into that market and sell the higher end Andrioid and iPhones on prepaid plans.

Despite the shortcomings of that phone, it will do everything you need it to quite well. Especially if you're not used to smartphones. I'd go for it if I were you.
According to Metro's own website they will flash your phone for you but you only get talk and text. I wonder if that has to do with their network and all flashed phones are like that or just the ones they flash?

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According to Metro's own website they will flash your phone for you but you only get talk and text. I wonder if that has to do with their network and all flashed phones are like that or just the ones they flash?
I think it's the ones they flash for you via MetroFlash and it's not for smartphones really, so no data if it's done through them.

It's kind of an involved process and if you're not used to playing around in your EPST or custom roms, you're better off getting one already pre-flashed with it. People that know how to do these things know the network and MMS settings for MetroPCS and how to do it. I've heard of MetroPCS salespeople even doing it themselves but I wouldn't count on that. But plenty of people use the latest smartphones on MetroPCS.

That being said, like Don said I think you'll be fine with the Indulge. It's from Samsung and they make really good phones. It's 1ghz and has Froyo 2.2 built in.

Just stay away from phones like Huawei and other no-names. Do you get a free trial period with the phone? I'd be concerned with the battery life more than anything else. If you're used to something else besides a smartphone, the battery life is the only thing that might be a step down for you.
An iPhone is an absolute no go. They fuck with the telephone systems at work and if you have Verizon they fuck with them even turned off.


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Like OAPC said, the battery life can be a shock for your first smart phone. Probably the best accessories you can get are a good aftermarket extended battery (do some research) and an external charger that can handle it and the stock battery. That was when your phone is dying you can swap the batteries and throw the dead one on the charger. I rarely ever have to plug my phone in anymore.

As OAPC pointed out, Tasker is also amazing for saving battery life, but it has a pretty high learning curve. It took me a few hours to really learn what it was capable of, but it was worth it. It turned a 17-hour battery into a 24-hour battery under normal use.

I'd say that phone is decent for your first android. $300 is not bad for a no-contract phone... a lot of Androids cost $150-$200 with a two year contract on the big networks.
metro and cricket i think run on verizons network so if you wanted to use the 4g lte get a used verizon phone and not sprint. i have rad a lot of people using evos on metropcs tho and the only thing they missed was 4g

check to see if metropcs 4g lte is in your area cuz if not you can get an evo for about $200 flashed over. evos are selling cheap but they are still a top of the line phone