Sick Card Trick


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My only question is, why is the 3 of diamonds an excellent choice?


What is with the gorilla?

Mother Shucker

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Maybe because I am a fan of magic, or maybe because I am not an idiot, but any "trick" done with a camera panning all over the place is obvious Bravo Sierra.
aside from all the 'you didn't notice stuff...which i did notice 3, her shirt, the table and the backdrop...they SWITCHED decks..Not a trick...

Joe Avezzano

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At first I thought it was just a shitty card trick shot very poorly. I didn't notice any of the other changes. What a dummy I am.
As a wannabe film maker I'm a continuity asshole and caught three of the changes.


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I noticed zero. I'm an idiot, it's 1 am, and I'm full of perfectly legal pills. That's why.