Single or taken?

Single or taken?

  • Alone of course

    Votes: 43 37.1%
  • Got someone

    Votes: 73 62.9%

  • Total voters


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
umm you should add married to that poll

CM Mark

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Does my right hand count as having someone?
Taken. Not married, and never plan to. But we are engaged. Which for both of us is enough of a committment. To be honest what's the only real reason to get married other than having kids, which neither of us wants, and making it "official?" Marriage simply isn't for everyone, and if more of us would refuse being placed in that standard we'd all be better off. It's the perfect arrangement.


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Ugh, don't get me started, and I don't like to complain in order to get pity, but no worries either way. :icon_roll


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Taken. The truest love of codependence and obsession.


I want to have L'il Jimmy's babies
I'm single and my enjoyment of it fluctuates.


Fezzing Out
I am currently talking to someone but not looking to rush into anything...

... so technically still quite single.


Kris_LTRMa's Ma
single and some days I'm lovin' it, some days I'm hating it ... mostly I'm lovin' it :icon_bigg
I know, I know believe it or not I'm single. I used to like being single but I've found that after a while it fucking sucks and is boring. I'm so bored with life that I'm almost ready to get married.


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with someone but single. i dont see no rings on her finger, mmm hmmm


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I've been married for 17+ years. . . if I had killed someone whilst driving drunk, the prison sentence would have been shorter. LOL:D
Very married. A li'l over 5 years. Just dropped her off at the airport. She's millitary and will be in Korea for a year. :(

In other words...our marriage is great overall. If we're not apart due to deployments, PCSs, etc.


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Married at the moment, getting a divorce and moving in with my girlfriend soon. Fucked up situation, I know