Sklarboro Country

Anyone else listen? The Sklar Brothers do sports, pop culture, indie rock, early wrestling talk, etc
I always loved Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic, and stumbled onto their podcast a few weeks ago. It's damn good.
Their live shows are killer too. It's so strange to watch them finish each other's sentences. If I had to name three comedians I'll never miss, I'd say it's the Sklar Bros, Nick Kroll and Amy Shumer.


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I enjoy it, although since going back to sat radio I've had less time to listen. Used to listen weekly in the car. Sklars and Uhh Yeah Dude were my go to podcasts. I'd add Bill Burr and Rogan if I had time.

I also used to have Big O and Dukes from the "Bageling with the Sex" show, but their show is terrible now. It was good when it was on radio and for about the first six months of the podcast. It's a shame.