Slain Clayton mom missing both ears


Korean Bowden

William Nazario

LAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- The case of a slain Riverdale mother is detailed in police warrants as a gruesome four-day ordeal for the victim and her three daughters.Channel 2’s Tom Jones reviewed suspect William Nazario’s arrest warrants, which said he tied up the children before stabbing 32-year-old Korean Bowden. Family members said they urged Bowden to end her tumultuous relationship with Nazario, 33, but it didn’t work. Police said they found Nazario’s confession letter in the bedroom where Bowden’s body was found.

According to the warrants, Bowden’s 12-year-old daughter told officers The next day, he let her out and said, “You can take this like a woman, or I’ll kill you,” the warrants said. They said she was then beaten after an unsuccessful **** attempt.

Two days later, the family’s pastor, Jean Ward, was checking on the couple at the home on Lexington Court when he found the bruised 12-year-old. After he called 911, officers found a 4-year-old tied up in a bathtub. Police said her clothes were soaked in urine.

Officers said Bowden died from multiple stab wounds. Nazario later admitted to stabbing her seven or eight times after an argument and physical altercation on Friday, police said. They also said she was missing both ears.

Police said they found the murder weapon in a trash bag on the back porch, but Bowden’s 9-year-old daughter was missing. Officers found the girl with Nazario in Bartow County on Monday. Nazario faces charges of murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and aggravated sodomy.

The Division of Family and Children Services has taken the children. A bank account has been set up to help the family. The account number is 9791407209, available at Wells Fargo.


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