Sleepy Stranger Snuggles on the Subway


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And then there is this:

Video of subway rider snuggling with stranger goes viral; but gets man in trouble with wife

A viral video of a sleepy commuter snuggling up to a stranger on a London subway train has been making a lot of people laugh, but the wife of said stranger, who stumbled across the video and thought she'd caught her husband in an act of infidelity.

"I got into trouble with my wife who thought it must be something quite serious," Rakesh Nair told Croydon Today. "She didn't think it was funny to begin with. She thought it was a work colleague or someone I knew and started accusing me of these things."

Nair and Paula Jovel were seated next to each other aboard the London Underground's Jubilee line. Nair, head chef at London's Cinnamon Club, was headed home late at night after a long shift at work. Jovel was asleep next to him, when she inadvertently reached over to snuggle up next to Nair. And all of this was happening while a friend of Jovel's was filming with a camera phone across the aisle.

"Most people getting home at the time have been working and are obviously very tired, they don't quite know what's happening," Nair told the paper.

In the video, when Nair realizes what is happening he is startled but laughs and nudges Jovel to wake her up. Jovel jumps back, clearly embarrassed. The two laugh off the incident, which has already been viewed more than 500,000 times on YouTube.

And apparently, one of those half million viewers was Nair's wife. But after an explanation from Nair, she too has come around to seeing the humor in the video.

"I said 'I didn't know the woman,'" Nair said. "She was convinced, eventually, and saw the funny side. All is well."