Slide picture question for photo buffs.


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I have a question for those that are really in the photography stuff.
I just helped my parents move out of their house and they had old
slide photos that they took when I was just a kid. There are some from
back in the 60's at the World's Fair in NYC and I was wondering if there's
a way to convert them to either a regular photo or a digital one.

The slides are old but I really would like to see those pics.
They are in decent condition as far as I can tell.
Thanks in advance if you have any ideas.

Razor Roman

I just recently bought an Epson Perfection V200 Photo scanner at Staples. It's a flatbed scanner that also does negatives and slides. I think you can scan something like 6 of them at a time. It's a great piece.

Most photo services can transfer them for you as well. You might be better off going to a slightly more sofisticated place (Ritz Camera) than CVS 1 Hr Photo. I know you're in the Philly area... in Princeton at the Nassau Park shopping center theres a place caled LE Camera, and they are really good with that stuff. They could definatley point you towards someone good to transfer them for you.

You can also still get an old fashioned slide projector to show them (we have dozens of them at work that professors still use)... as well as newer (very expensive) slide-to-video converters that have slide carousels on them but video outputs for connection to a TV or video projector.

If I can be of any more assistance, lemme know :)

Arch Stanton

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Miss those days. Setting up the screen and watching the slides.

You will have no problem. They are as I understand it like a negative. You can do alot of things as Razor stated.

Once you do what you want, save them somewhere. Slides are a Lost art.

Razor Roman

You will have no problem. They are as I understand it like a negative. .
Yeah the great thing is they are much higher quality than a photo print.. as good as a negative for making enlargements, etc... so if there are extra special ones scan them in real high resolution, you should have great, frameable pictures... I actually have taken a few and given them, nicely framed, as gifts to family... everyone always gets a kick out of seeing themselves 40 years younger, and 50 lbs lighter...


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I have an older Nikon LS-2000 which I use to scan negatives and has an adapter for slides. It work's fantastic for me. Unlike a flat bed scanner, it came with software (now about 10 years old) automatically eliminates scratches and small artifacts. That was 10 years ago, the latest stuff must rock.