Smackdown 2 for PS1

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i personally haven't, but i'm buying it tonight. But i have heard the game rocks. The moves aren't too hard to do. You got the casket match and hell in the cell, plus a table ladders and chairs match.

You can also put people through the announce table and throw them into the steel steps. The only thing is you have to unlock some people. You have to go through a series of matches to unlock Stone Cold and Billy Gunn

Because they were out of the wwf for a while when the game was made

But added bonus this game includes HBK shawn michaels.

The tag matches include double team moves like the 3d and stuff so the game i heard rocks.

Thanks to Seancold for the info, and i'll tell ya tommorow how good it was.
Cool Thanks Gonzo but i think im gonna run out and buy it tonight too!!! After you said it has a Hell In The Cell match in it ive got to get it. I hope there is blood this time.
i dunno about blood. but dude about the hell in the cell, sean said you can throw your opponent off the top ofthe cage through the cage onto the mat-ring.

But he reccomended buying the book for the game. Not for regular moves but for tag team moves and specialty matches
the first one was a pretty good game, as far as wrestling games go. so im looking forward to seeing if this one is just as good. on a side note has anyone played gauntlet for the ps1??? i would spend hours playing that in the arcade so i was wondering if the home version was an improvement or just as good. thanx for the info
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